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Point Fortin praised for Clifton Hill resort

As he congratulated the Point Fortin Borough Corporation for rolling out an impressive Clifton Hill Beach Resort, Tourism Minister Gerald Hadeed has urged regional corporations to develop sound management plans to protect such facilities.

Hadeed requested that corporations put in place programmes to ensure the facilities continue to deliver quality service to users at all times.

“I am particularly concerned about increasing the level of visitor arrivals to this country, and of raising the bar on the level of customer service along every chain of the visitor experience,” he said.

Hadeed delivered the feature address at the formal opening of the facility on Point Fortin on Tuesday.

He said his ministry will continue to work with well-established community groups and regional corporations in further developing community tourism assets.

The Clifton Hill Resort began through an initiative of LNG producer Atlantic as a basic beach facility.

In 2012 the building was handed over to the Point Fortin Borough.

The new facility includes changing rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, pavilion, stage, conference rooms and other amenities.

“The facility stands as a signature facility, which I am sure would generate a lot of activity and benefits to the residents of the community, and very importantly opportunities to the youths of the area,” Hadeed said.

He said the facility would generate jobs and foreign exchange and engender linkages and benefits to communities.

“Tourists today want to feel and experience cultures, music, food, and heritage of the community people. Facilities like this one at Clifton Hill here in Point Fortin provide the medium through which such expressions of community culture can be encouraged and built upon,” he said.

Hadeed said the government understood the value of the tourism dollar and continues to build that industry.

“Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked among the happiest people in the world. Tourists visiting this country must also experience that happiness when they are here in our islands, and when they travel to our communities,” he said.

Hadeed said his ministry will continue to work with the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training to ensure that hospitality programmes are fashioned to provide the skills and competencies required.