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About Us

We pride ourselves as one of the few one hundred percent (100%) locally owned and operated service provider companies, competing directly with multi-national companies operating in the sector.

Who we are

Hydro Tech Limited, a Trinidad and Tobago limited liability company, is the premier supplier of integrated solution services within the upstream oil and gas industry. Founded in 1987 by Mr. Trevor Lynch, Hydro Tech now stands as a formidable layer in the energy sector with a workforce of approximately four hundred highly trained and experience professionals, as asset base in excess of US $15 million dollars and a respectable safety record in both onshore and offshore operations.

Our company has and continues to work towards the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate. A dedicated and socially responsible corporate citizen with strong appreciation for family values, we support the community through sponsorships and the operation of several recreational, educational and philanthropic initiatives.

When Hydro Tech was founded by Mr. Trevor Lynch, our only service offering to willing industry clients was pumping and water blasting. These services were merely a small part of the industry requirements for integrity management and preventative maintenance at both onshore and offshore installations. Being the provider of one service essentially meant that when the demand was low for that particular service there would be little business while when activity increases your capacity is still limited to one job at a time. From a logistical stand point it also meant that each client has to plan and manage the access of various contractors to provide several different services all within a confined environment on the restricted schedule of their maintenance program. Lynch concluded then that it would be far more practical to have one company provide the full range of maintenance services thereby reducing the risk of each schedule while improving cost and time efficiency all to the benefit of the client.

It was this foresight that gave way to Hydro Tech’s integrated solutions model and what is quite possible one of the best kept secrets in the energy industry. These specific services have been designed to coincide with the various stages of any maintenance program. We approach each client engagement using PMBOK project management principle where we plan our service delivery from decommissioning to commissioning. We design and execute the most cohesive access solutions, conduct the necessary fabric maintenance and/or construction to specification. This is inclusive of surface preparation, blasting, coating and pressure testing.

Our Mission

To be the preferred supplier of integrated solutions services to the energy sector in Trinidad and Tobago through the consistent delivery of:

  • Best practices
  • Health, safety security
  • Environmental excellence
  • First class competitive service

Vision & Values

To be the integrated solutions services company operating downstream and most admired for its performance people and partnerships.

Our Values

  • Building and growing relationships
  • Respect for people
  • Dedication to service
  • Providing sustainable employment
  • Client satisfaction

Environmental Management Services

Environmental Management services inclusive of but not limited to gas freeing, streaming pumping, steam cleaning, vessel and tank cleaning, pontoon filling and waste disposal are amongst our specialty services and we thoroughly inspect and certify each element f our project before commissioning. We are also full equipped to provide all mechanical assessments and repairs, inclusive of but not limited to bolt torquing, pressure testing, NDT Testing, as it related to all our service lines.

The competitive advantage gained by our integrated solutions has been powered by the quality of our human resources as Hydro Tech is committed to the training and development of our workforce to ensure we meet international standards. All employees are TBOSIET (Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) Awareness and UKOOA medical (UK Offshore Operations Association) certified, with specialist training provided based on respective service unit.

We have invested heavily in the acquisition of state of the art industrial equipment and software all towards solidifying our position and improving the efficiency and capability of our service offerings. Today, over twenty-five tear later Hydro Tech has developed a respectable reputation for service delivery, efficiency and excellence, consistency and reliability in the provision of integrated solutions to the energy sector.

Fortifying The Future

Having recently celebrated our silver anniversary in 2012, Hydro Tech continues to press forward as industry leaders. Throughout these years, Hydro Tech has evolved from a one-man operation into a “well structured” TL Group of Companies supported by a cadre of over 400 dedicated professionals.

We pride ourselves as one of the few one hundred percent (100%) locally owned and operated service provider companies, competing directly with multi-national companies operating in the sector. Hydro Tech’s development over the years stands as testimony to the success of a focused local content within the industry. Hydro tech’s operations were initially concentrated on pursuing and water blasting for its energy industry clients. Our founder and chairman, Mr. Trevor Lynch, saw the need for continuous diversification of services within the always dynamic oil and gas sector, and so he conceptualized the Integrate Solutions business model. This foresight was the catalyst that changed the face of Integrity Management, Preventative Maintenance and Project Management in the local energy sector. As a result, our multi-disciplined organization, the TL Holdings Group of Companies, has evolved with a multi-faceted array of services to meet the diverse needs of our customer base.

We continue to embrace Mr. Lynch’s approach to Integrated Solutions as a viable and necessary business model for or industry-specific clients. As this approach affords our clients the opportunity to outsource services to a one-stop shop at any given time. All services, required by our clients to ensure that the integrity of their assets are not comprised, are catered for by our Group of Companies. Our menu of supportive and preventative services within the oil and gas sector is considered fluid and always adapting to the changing needs of our client-base according to the cycles of the energy industry.

Our Integrated Solutions Management model still offers Hydro tech’s founding services, water blasting and pumping, but has now significantly grown to include specialty access solutions (scaffolding and rope access), welding & fabrication, industrial equipment rental, and vessel cleaning, to mention a few, with each of those units being a distinct and separate operation under the TL Holdings Group of Companies. Our Companies has pioneered the integrated solutions approach in the industry locally and our ability, stringent adherence to health and safety, solid reputation for timely delivery, and forward thinking solution-oriented approach allow us to maintain our leadership position. Our ability to outperform many of the competition is owed to our sustainable proactive approach, foresight and keeping our “finger on the pulse” of the industry at all times. Trinidad and Tobago’s economic growth forecast point to significant growth in energy sector in the foreseeable future. This growth beckons our Group to position ourselves for strengthened performance which we will achieve with a well-coordinated execution of our key goals. Through the support